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Be Among the First!
At Lava Road, you can be among the first on Maui to experience driving a Polaris Slingshot open-air roaster.

Slingshot drivers are trendsetters, VIP-types who see opportunity and seize it. You are influential, a leader, a pioneer and avant-garde so of course we want to meet you.  We want you to have a day to enjoy everything Lava Road can offer. Whether you are taking the Slingshot to enjoy The Road to Hana or are using it to hit all the Maui hot spots, your choice of Lava Road is going to show everyone just how wise and fierce you are.

It’s said that driving a Slingshot is like a cross between a motorcycle and sports car. With it’s three-wheel design, tight turns are the specialty. It handles them so well you will feel like a race car driver without having to go at racing speeds. The best part is that you don’t need experience to drive one.   All you need is a driver’s license and the ability to handle a manual transmission.

The Best Way to See Maui!

Imagine, if only for a vacation, you are living on the edge. You are on a tropical island. You have power at your fingertips and a sleek Slingshot surrounding you. You feel like a Rock Star or maybe even a Rockefeller. Everywhere you go, you turn heads. People ask for pictures. Daring freedom is yours.

Lava Road wants to make this your experience and there is no better place to do it than on Maui.

Rent a Slingshot for a day and drive the scenic Road to Hana where you can see the Twin Falls, visit one of two arboretums and see the Hana Lava Tube. Of course the Road to Hana offers much more and your full day rental will be just the thing to enjoy it all. Half day rentals will leave you plenty of time to hit the beach, visit local markets and go zip lining all while providing you plenty of time to simply enjoy the ride.

Riding in and driving a Slingshot open-air roadster is as refreshing and memorable as is your trip to Maui so Book Your Slingshot Now.


Lava Road is your connection to a great time on Maui.

When you book your Slingshot rental, we will deliver your open-air roadster to your hotel for you to enjoy right away.

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You Are Never Too Old!

Did you know that one of the reasons people have chosen a Slingshot over a motorcycle is the ease of operation? Rather than having to have the strength and balance to handle a motorcycle, with Lava Road, you can get right in and drive in style. …


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